BT refuses to pause redundancy programme despite COVID-19 crisis

BT refuses to pause redundancy programme despite COVID-19 crisis

Prospect national secretary John Ferrett has expressed strong disappointment at BT’s failure to respond to a request from the union to pause any redundancies currently under way as part of the People Framework programme.

The union has also asked BT not to initiate any new consultations that would lead to members losing their jobs.

Despite intensive dialogue with the company, BT has refused to pause the redundancy programme and will not even consider deferring the leaving dates of those who are unable to find an alternative role within the business.

Prospect is urging BT to mirror the BBC which has paused its redundancy programme affecting around 400 workers.

Prospect is also concerned that BT is not including the unions in pandemic planning discussions, despite this approach being widely adopted across other organisations where unions are recognised

John Ferrett, Prospect national secretary, said: “This response from BT is not only tone deaf but inexcusable in the context of a wider economy that has effectively shut down.

“The work of our members in keeping people connected has never been more important and they deserve to be treated with respect and care at this time.

“Instead of adopting partnership working to deal with the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime, BT has chosen to issue communications with no prior notification to the unions. We implore BT to reverse its decision on redundancies and start working collaboratively with Prospect.”