Team-based scheduling update

Team-based scheduling update

BT Consumer plans to introduce Team-Based Scheduling which will be a impact with Team Leaders in Consumer Sales and Service.

As you know, BT Consumer plans to introduce Team-Based Scheduling (TBS) and Prospect has been in discussions with the business about the potential impact these proposals will have on Team Leaders (TLs). Fundamentally, there is a requirement that TLs will henceforth work the same attendance patterns as their team. Although this expectation is within the current Consumer Attendance Agreement it has not been made obligatory until now.

BT presented a strong rationale for this change and a number of TLs have been in touch with Prospect to say they recognise the need to work differently in future. However, some Prospect members have expressed concerns about aspects of the proposals, particularly the requirement to work more weekends, the reduced ability to swap shifts at short notice and the integration of existing part-timers into the new working patterns. Others have asked if the current £40 Sunday premium is likely to be increased.

Whilst it was not possible to secure an increase to the Sunday allowance, it has been agreed that no TLs will be forced to work a 12 hour shift. This was the main issue raised with us by Prospect members. Unlike advisers’, BT is not proposing any contractual changes for TLs so Prospect will not be balloting our affected members on this occasion. The business has assured us that all TLs will go through a preference exercise to allocate the new patterns across sites. There may be occasions, however, when a member and the local CCM are unable to agree between them what that new pattern will be, or the timescale to move to that pattern. In those circumstances please contact Prospect’s helpdesk on 0300 600 1878 and we will raise the matter with the company.

We remain committed to working with both members’ and BT to resolve issues, collective and individual, that may arise from the introduction of TBS. Your feedback and support is essential to this, so if you know of colleagues who are not yet members of Prospect please encourage them to join at

Simon Brown

Negotiations Officer

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