Prospect members in BT keeping the UK connected

Prospect members in BT keeping the UK connected

Prospect is encouraging its members in frontline services in BT to share examples of their contribution so that the public can see the vital work they are doing to keep the UK connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

BT members keeoing the UK connected

Carolyn Spence, who is chair of the union’s BT committee, has written to all reps telling them about the campaign.

Her email says: “Everything we do on a daily basis in our lives has been turned upside down by the effects of Coronavirus and we appreciate, as we are sure you do, that many of our colleagues are frightened at present, not only for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones but for their employment and their ability to do their jobs under the current lockdown and beyond.

“Amid the stories in the media, which can make depressing viewing and hearing, we are hearing amazing stories of people on the front line who are working tirelessly and at risk to themselves to care for others, with dedication, skill, heart and a sense of humour.

“There are no words to praise highly enough our amazing doctors, nurses, health workers, cleaners, emergency service staff and countless others who are providing exemplary support to the nation.

“Behind the scenes, however, there is a group of people who are providing and maintaining the infrastructure that is enabling work to go on in this country during these unprecedented times, via telephony, video calling, high speed broadband and other means of communication.

“Many of the heroes who are saving lives and caring for people are supported by an unsung army of call centre workers, managers, technology experts, engineers and countless other BT employees, many of whom are Prospect members and heroes in their own right. With your help, we want to ensure that they are not unsung.

“We want to call out the incredible work our members are doing to play their part in guiding the UK through this crisis.

“We want to recognise every Prospect member who is playing their part in Keeping the UK Connected and remind BT and the country of the inestimable contribution that Prospect members make, every single day but especially during these troubled times.”

If you would like to share your story please email us at with the subject line ”Keeping the UK connected".

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