Freelancers deserve representation

Freelancers deserve representation

Trades Union Congress policy work and consultation responses should adequately represent freelancers as well as employed workers in whatever sector they work, TUC delegates agreed.

The motion from The Musicians’ Union recognised that organising workers has become more complex and that TUC policy has had to adjust accordingly.

But it said that in campaigning for improved terms and conditions for the ‘falsely’ self-employed, it was important to remember that many truly self-employed workers, particularly musicians and performers, were keen to maintain their self employed status while still needing union representation.

Ann Jones, from the Bectu sector and Prospect deputy vice president, said she had been a freelancer for most of her working life and a trade unionist throughout.

Ann said she was proud of Prospect’s work representing freelancers in industries such as film, TV, theatre and radio.

“There are many forms of freelancing, including those who are falsely self-employed, but all freelancers, whatever their circumstances, require and deserve effective trade union representation,” she added.

You can read the motion here.