Offshore wind sector deal welcome but needs more on union role

Offshore wind sector deal welcome, but role of unions needs to be recognised

The government claims that its new Offshore Wind Sector deal marks a significant deepening of the partnership between the government and the sector and reinforces its industrial strategy

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Prospect has welcomed the deal but much more needs to be done to recognise the role of unions in renewable energy, building on our role in traditional generation.

Sue Ferns, Prospect’s senior deputy general secretary said: “Offshore wind is an exciting growth industry which has the potential to provide thousands of skilled green jobs, and will make up an important part of our energy mix as we move to decarbonise our economy.

“Prospect welcomes that a sector deal has been reached for this important industry. In particular we welcome the commitments to diversity in the workplace and to creating an Offshore Energy Passport to aid the transfer of skilled workers from one industry to the other.

“It is disappointing however that the government hasn’t recognised the vital role that trade unions will play in delivering and developing a modern energy industry, especially when it comes to safety.

"Overall we have a good record of safety in traditional generation – it would be a retrograde step if the conditions which have brought that about were forgotten.”