Scottish Power’s record £2bn investment for clean energy

Scottish Power’s record £2bn investment for clean energy

Scottish Power says it will invest £2bn in green energy technologies and create 300 new jobs in the UK during 2019.

Scotland Energy

The energy giant also announced plans to establish large-scale battery storage installations at UK wind farms and to start rolling out its public electric vehicle charging business this year.

Last October, Scottish Power sold its remaining gas, coal and hydro stations and said it would be generating all its electricity from renewable sources.

Commenting on Scottish Power’s biggest ever single investment in a single year, Ian Perth, Prospect negotiations officer, said: “The investment and growth in jobs is very welcome. It shows a long-term commitment to renewables and shows Scottish Power is seeking to be a leader in green energy.

"Our membership in Scottish Power renewables has grown significantly over the past year and we're seeking to work constructively with the employer to ensure new jobs will offer high quality and sustainable career paths for industry professionals."

Smarter networks and innovative services

By 2022, Scottish Power plans to spend £6billion in the UK with 40% of that on new renewable energy generation, 42% on smarter enhanced networks and 15% on innovative services and products for customers.

The first of its large battery storage projects will be a 50MW installation at Whitelee, in East Renfrewshire, the UK’s largest onshore wind farm.

The company also made a commitment to develop a further 1GW of onshore wind farms in the UK by 2025.

Keith Anderson, Scottish Power chief executive, said: “Our first investment plan since leaving coal and gas behind is a historic milestone for Scottish Power and is a vote of confidence in the UK’s commitment to decarbonising the economy.

“In a time of uncertainty the UK needs to deliver its Industrial and Energy strategy and that’s what we’re providing with our biggest ever investment in a single year.”

"Consumers want and need access to reliable, clean and affordable energy. That is what Scottish Power is focused on delivering and as long as Government climate change commitments stay firm, with sensible policies to support them, this investment will continue.”