E.ON and RWE merger shakes up renewables

E.ON and RWE merger shakes up renewables

Prospect has pledged to protect the interests of its members who will be affected, and to engage constructively, with E.ON and RWE to make a success of their merger, which creates a significant new player in the renewables sector.

The two-part deal sees the integration of innogy’s retail and networks businesses outside of the UK into E.ON, followed by the transfer of E.ON’s renewables businesses (E.ON Climate and Renewables) into RWE to create a new global renewables business.

"The proposed merger would give a combined EC&R/RWE business the size to compete for, and secure, new projects to provide good quality employment for the future," said Mike MacDonald, Prospect negotiations officer.

"We are keen to understand the mechanics of the changes and to seek commitments on making the company a great place to work."

In their public statements, the three companies, innogy, E.ON and RWE have all promised that employees will be treated ‘fairly and equally’ and highlighted that the agreements were made in consultation with German unions, ver.di and IGBCE.

In the UK, Prospect is also seeking to influence the terms of the merger.

"We are speaking to European-level senior management both in RWE and E.ON, in addition to company-level discussions in EC&R,” MacDonald added.

"We want to influence the new business so it remains an employer of choice that offers a challenging career, and to retain high skill jobs in the UK.

"Both EC&R and RWE see Prospect as a constructive partner, recognising the importance of our skilled members in enabling the businesses to deliver its best. We believe that this is a firm basis for us to continue to influence EC&R on behalf of our members."