Prospect responds to BT job loss speculation

Prospect responds to BT job loss speculation

Prospect will prioritise minimising any job losses

Responding to reports that BT may announce job cuts next week in its annual report, Prospect national secretary, Philippa Childs said:

“Prospect has been aware that BT may be looking to cut jobs and will be aiming to work with the company to minimise the number of employees impacted.

“Our priorities are to ensure that our members’ jobs and livelihoods are protected and with that in mind Prospect’s Industrial Relations Committees will expect to be consulted and heavily involved in any staff changes that are being proposed.

“Prospect will be waiting to hear further details from BT next week. Prospect will also ensure that BT is aware that its managers are highly skilled professionals and any people reductions must not overload those who remain or push work down to people at lower levels."