Union backs Sutherland spaceport bid

Prospect joins DSRL in Supporting A’Mhoine Spaceport bid

Prospect joins other unions at Dounreay to support A'Mhoine bid to become the UK's vertical launch spaceport


Nuclear decommissioning

Prospect, the union representing professional, technical and specialist staff at the Dounreay nuclear facility in Caithness, has joined with Phil Craig, CEO of the site operating company DSRL, in supporting the A’Mhoine bid to become the UK’s vertical launch spaceport facility. It will create new high quality jobs for the north of Scotland.  Dounreay’s other unions, the GMB and Unite, have already come out in support of the project.

DSRL boss Craig said: "The Dounreay workforce is incredibly talented and contributes to the significant range of skills that exist in the area. We fully support opportunities identified by the Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership such as this to attract new high quality jobs that can make full use of those skills in the future and enable the community to thrive long after Dounreay’s closure programme is completed."

 Prospect national secretary for Scotland Richard Hardy said: “With the decommissioning of the Dounreay site in full swing it’s vital both for our members and for the wider economy of Caithness and Sutherland that high quality jobs in science and engineering are created in the north.”

He continued “Failure to create jobs of a similar quality to those at Dounreay will create a huge risk of skilled workers leaving the area with a huge detrimental impact on the local economy. We’re therefore very happy to throw our support behind the A’Mhoine project.”