EducationEye is moving to a digital format

EducationEye is moving to a digital format

Members of a certain vintage may have read recently that weekly music magazine NME has ceased its print edition. It’s a sign of the times and Prospect, similarly, has been expanding its digital content. 

2018-19 ECS group GEC

After talks with your group executive council, EducationEye is also “going digital” and will be published in this format from now on. We remain committed to providing high-quality news and information to members.

Tech-savvy members will know we provide a social media feed via @ProspectECSG to complement the e-newsletters. You can find a simple guide to getting on Twitter and “following” us here.

We recently undertook the first all-Education and Children’s Services group members’ survey since 2016. We’re all too aware of huge changes in the provision and employment of professional non-teaching roles as government programmes have been rolled back, along with the funding needed to improve attainment, inclusion and safeguarding, for example.  

The majority of Prospect’s ECS group members continue to work in and for local authorities as school improvement advisers, commissioning managers, heads of effectiveness and/or achievement, and welfare officers. That list is evolving, however, and more members are working for multi-academy trusts or in educational charities, for example, than before.  A growing number of members work as self-employment consultants and want to know what Prospect can do for them in that role.

With that in mind, the group executive council met recently in Manchester to set out our priorities for 2018-19. We discussed what members and potential members want from us and assessed what policy areas we need to influence on their behalf.   

It’s clear that the work of professionals in providing high-quality advice and support to children and young people is as important as ever, particularly with statutory obligations.  The format of EducationEye may be changing, but the need for a union able to speak for those members remains constant. We will do our best to deliver. 

Kind regards

Steve Thomas
Prospect national secretary

Pictured above: ECS group GEC for 2018-19: Jill De Paolis (president), Paul Watson (vice-president), Niki Elliott (vice-president), Diana Robinson, Liam Kernan, Maria Marsh, Mark Patton, Sara Griffiths, Vinod Hallan, Peter McAllister, Tommy Doherty and Sean Maguire