Educate young workers about performance traps, BT conference told

Educate young workers about performance traps, BT conference told

The performance management process is being applied incorrectly with regard to young graduates and former apprentice graduates, Prospect’s conference for BT reps in Nottingham on 17 May was told.

Another vote at BT conference, nottingham, 17 May 2018. Photo by John Birdsall

Delegates supported a call from BT London Central East and South for the committee to introduce an escalation process where reps could raise such cases at senior level with no comeback on the individual.

Ndala Mukanda (Prospect Young Professionals Network) shared his own experience as a new joiner on the graduate programme. A few months in he had been led to understand that being on a “development plan” was a good thing but discovered when he received his bonus that this was not the case.

He urged the union to educate young members to identify any traps.

Caroline Sansom (BT Committee) agreed that the union should seek ways to support graduates and apprentices. While believing escalation processes should be available to all managers treated unfairly, she said the committee recognised that young managers felt particularly vulnerable and was happy to work with the Young Professionals Network on this.

Conference also supported a motion moved by Mark Kent (BT TSO industrial relations committee) seeking to revise BT’s policy around the right of individuals to place their CVs on social media sites such as LinkedIn. Kent said the right balance needed to be struck between BT’s concerns around commercial confidentiality and individuals’ right to share their CVs to find a job.