Prospect reps hit the road to national conference

Prospect conference, Birmingham 2018 – find out more

Prospect members will be travelling to Birmingham on Sunday, 3 June for the union's Biennial National Conference,  bringing together delegates from across the union to discuss a wide range of issues

Birmingham ICC

In 2018 the conference is being held at the ICC in Birmingham. As the capital of the West Midlands and a crucial part of the Midlands Engine, Birmingham is at the heart of the kind of high technology, high skills economy unions like Prospect are calling for in future.

Mike Clancy, Prospect’s general secretary said:

“Delegates and visitors to our conference are meeting at an important time for the trade union movement.

“As trade unions and the country as a whole works to address the challenges thrown up by Brexit this will be high on the agenda for the conference.

“And with more and more people recognising that we need a step change in voice at work this will be an important topic too.

“It is apt that we are meeting in Birmingham. As a union which represents thousands of scientists and specialists, Birmingham is a centre for innovation in areas like energy and advanced manufacturing.

“As we think about the future of work we will need to see many more jobs in areas like these.”

Prospect delegates from across the UK will be debating a range of motions on social policy, Brexit, energy, the environment and other topics.

This conference also marks the first Prospect national conference welcoming BECTU – the union for entertainment and media experts – which merged with Prospect in January 2017.

The timetable for the conference is below and the full agenda can be found here. Those interested in following the debates and decisions of conference should follow Prospect on Twitter.

First session – Sunday 3 June

16:30 Opening of conference

16:40 Adoption of Standing Orders Committee Report

16:50 Presentation of Prospect Annual Report by Mike Clancy, General Secretary

17:05 Result of Ballot for National Executive Committee

17:10 Section A: Equality and Diversity

18:00 Presentation of Prospect Branding

18:45 Section B: Prospect Branding

19:00 Close of Session

Second session – Monday 4 June

09:30 Section C: Subscriptions

09:50 Section D: Health and Safety

10:30 Section E: Energy and Environment

11:20 Break-out sessions

12:50 Close of Session

Third session

14:00 Presentation by Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC

14:45 Section F: Social and Public

16:30 Section G: Rules

18:00 Close of Session

Fourth session – Tuesday 5 June

09:30 Presentation on General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

10:00 Brexit Panel Discussion: What Brexit means for the UK

11:50 Section H: Brexit

12:20 Section I: International

12:30 Section J: Pensions

13:00 Close of Session

Fifth session

14:15 Section K: Pay and Employment

17:05 Section L: Recruitment and Organisation

17:35 R&O awards presentation – awards sponsored by College Hill Press

18:15 Close of Session

Sixth session – Wednesday 6 June

09:30 Section G: Rules (continued)

10:20 Section F: Social and Public (continued)

11:50 Section M: Prospect Organisation

13:10 Section N: Appointments and Appreciations

13:15 Emergency Motions

14:00 Adoption of Annual Report and Statement of Accounts