After headcount reductions and pay cap no surprise there are concerns over Brexit capacity

After dramatic headcount reductions and pay cap no surprise there are concerns over civil service Brexit capacity

A new report from the the Commons Public Accounts Committee has raised serious concerns about how prepared government is for Brexit.

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The report published today, calls on ministers to allocate sufficient resources and do this more quickly to make sure that government has the capacity to deliver. 

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary said:

"After a two year pay freeze and then pay being capped at 1% since 2010 alongside dramatic headcount reductions, it is unsurprising that there are concerns about the capacity of the civil service to deal with Brexit.

"The civil service is at its smallest since the Second World War and we face the greatest challenge the UK has faced in peace time.

"This is combined with a lack of clarity from ministers both in terms of the implications of Brexit and supporting negotiations but also planning for the aftermath of any deal being done.

"Added to this ministers consistently fail to recognise the need for additional resources and to prioritise policy initiatives in recognition the huge strain the civil service is under."

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