Union support at every stage of life

Union support at every stage of life

Union membership doesn’t have to end when your current role does – Prospect offers a range of benefits and support to members leaving their current job. If you are affected by redundancy, retirement or a change in career, we’re here for you.

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That's the key message Prospect has been sending to its members in BT who may be leaving or have already left as part of the company's current major restructuring exercise.

But it also applies to anyone else facing a job or career change. At BT Prospect has worked hard on members’ behalf to press the company to ensure leavers receive the best possible departure terms, reflecting the hard work and commitment they have put into the business.

For these members – and in fact for anyone leaving their current employment – there are many benefits to staying with Prospect during the next stage of their career and life. 

Prospect offers support to members seeking a new job; taking the plunge to go freelance or self-employed; taking a career break, or retiring.

And membership offers other benefits that, if arranged separately, would cost a great deal more.

Career and skills development

Prospect’s independent careers website Careersmart provides advice and information on applying for a new job, including tips on writing the perfect CV, and how to do well in an interview. The site also compares various occupations, with data on pay and conditions, and offers information on equalities and other rights at work.

You can find more career and mentoring info in the careers and skill area of the Prospect website.

Freelancers and sole traders

Freelancers throughout Prospect are welcome to attend courses run by the union’s BECTU sector. These include “Setting yourself up as a sole trader”, “Building your own website” and “Finance for freelancers”. See more in the training area of the BECTU website.

Benefits and services

Prospect offers a host of member-only benefits, which continue to apply when you’re between jobs or in retirement.

  • Examples include:
  • home, lifestyle, shopping and travel deals, including cinema discounts and discounts at Apple, negotiated by Prospect Plus
  • free wills service
  • energy club for best deals on heating, gas and electricity
  • independent financial advice including a free initial consultation to help you understand financial services on offer.

More information here – member log-in required for the details

Legal services

Working Prospect members – whether freelance or in a new place of work – have access to legal assistance relating to employment rights, workplace personal injury or regulatory issues, provided by our in-house legal experts and when needed, our solicitors.

In addition, all members and their spouses/partners and children under 19 have access to a personal injury scheme and 24-hour legal helpline for non-work related issues.

More here (member log in required for the details)

Your next job

Prospect has collective recognition deals in many telecoms and communications industry employers beyond BT, as well as in many other public and private sector organisations.

Even where there is no formal union recognition by the employer, Prospect can offer individual representation for work issues, and useful information about your employment rights.

If you are retiring

Members of the  Retired Members’ Group receive services relevant for them, such as pensions advice, the free personal injury scheme and other non-work-related benefits.

Member communications

All members will continue to receive Profile, Stage Screen and Radio (C&D division only), member email updates, market pay information, LegalEye and access to our legal and other member guides.

What does it cost?

If you go on to a new job, your Prospect subscription rate will be based on your earnings.

Members who are unemployed, on unpaid leave, unpaid maternity leave or in between contracts pay a special rate of just £1.28 a month.

Members of the Retired Members’ Group have their own conference, local meetings and a newsletter, and pay just £3.56 a month.

Update your details   

To tell us about any change in your circumstances, or find out if and by how much your subscription will change, email our Member Contact Centre at [email protected] or call 0300 600 1878.

  • This article appears in the Winter 2018 edition of Stage Screen and Radio, the magazine for members in the BECTU sector of Prospect. Download a PDF here (member log-in required)