Restructure in BT Corporate Affairs

Restructure in BT Corporate Affairs

Prospect responds to the announcement on a new team structure in BT Corporate Affairs.

Yesterday there was an announcement on a new team structure in Corporate Affairs. This will result in a reduction in the number of posts in the team with the new structure in place by the end of June.

Prior to this announcement BT consulted Prospect over the proposed new structure. They said that a number of Benefit Band 1 and 2 staff would be immediately displaced, while a number of those in Band 2 roles would have to go through a selection process. For those people who were displaced or not successful in the selection process, there were a number of vacancies at BB1 and BB2 in Corporate Affairs which they could apply for. There would also be 5 new roles being created in Openreach to apply for. Those who had been displaced would also be given the option to take enhanced paid leaver terms.

For people who had been displaced and had not found an alternative role, they would be offered transition support in line with standard BT procedure. They would be made a predeployee initially and would then enter the Transition Centre if they still hadn’t picked up a role. This would be likely to take place in June around the time the new structure was in place.

During our discussions Prospect stressed the importance of helping those who had been displaced to find alternative roles, and we hope that given the existing vacancies within Corporate Affairs, and through using BT’s redeployment process,  people will be able to find alternative roles.

If members do have any concerns about the restructure and what this means for them then please contact Prospect on 0300 600 1878 or email [email protected]  We will continue to have discussions with BT as the restructure progresses.

If you have colleagues who are non-members, please show them this circular and encourage them to join Prospect. The more members we have the stronger our voice in BT. People can join online at