Ten things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in sport

Ten things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in sport

Alan Leighton, Prospect national secretary, talks about the union’s work in sport.

Football referee

Who does Prospect represent in the sport sector?

Football referees and assistant referees, referee coaches, cricket umpires, grounds staff and administrators.

How many members do we represent?

About 200.

What are the top three issues we are facing in sport sector?

Employment status; pay, terms and conditions and respect.

Is Prospect doing any specific campaigning right now?

We have been campaigning for workers’ rights to be given to football officials in the Championship and National League. This has been successful and holiday pay is now being paid and pension entitlements are being implemented.

We are working with Women in Football to encourage more women to get involved in football and to challenge discrimination; and we work with Show Racism the Red Card to tackle racism through the high profile status of football.

What does Prospect think are likely to be the big issues over the next five years?

Pay, employment status, respect and equality issues.

Who are some of the big companies who negotiate with us?

Professional Game Match Officials, a joint body formed by the Premier League, Football Association and Football League.

Are most of our members in this industry permanent employees or freelance/contactors?

A mix of permanent employees and those with worker status who are paid match fees.

How do we support our members in the sport sector?

Negotiating pay, terms and conditions, individual support and representation

What’s a recent success we’ve had supporting a member, or members?

Winning an Employment Tribunal case to challenge the imposition of a retirement age of 48 for football officials.

Why should someone working in sport join Prospect?

To improve our bargaining strength, secure protection at work and to take part in our campaigns.