Prospect responds on Devolved Public Sector Redundancy Consultation

"No evidence that legislative change needed" Says Prospect in response to Scottish Public Sector Redundancy consultation.

Responding to the Scottish Governments consultation paper on "A Severance Policy for Scotland: Consultation on severance arrangements across the devolved public sector" Prospect on behalf of it's members in the Association of Principal Fire Officers Branch stated that it saw no reasons why legislative change was necessary .

Whilst commending the Scottish Government approach to consultation which is likely to ensure that the widest range of options are considered, and re-iterating Prospects support for the principle of "best value for the public purse", the Union, which represents senior officers in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said that "it is not for central Government to interfere with freedoms and flexibilities that local authorities must retain, to deal with individual and specific circumstances".

The union concluded that "exit payments and pay more generally, are a matter for locally accountable politicians to determine"