Prospect ill health pension successes

Prospect secures significant increases to members' ill health retirement pensions

Two Prospect members who have been forced to retire due to ill health have seen their civil service pension payouts dramatically increased thanks to interventions from Prospect. 

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The members had both been advised that they would be in line for payments worked out by MyCSP based on the rules of the civil service alpha pension scheme.

Prospect's pension officer, Phil McEvoy, identified that the enhancement to their civil service alpha pension had been detrimentally impacted by the fact that both members had been receiving “nil pay” while they were on extended sick leave. 

The regulations that were written for the alpha scheme (introduced in 2015 following the agreement for pensions reform reached with civil service unions) were interpreted to mean that nil pay had a disproportionate impact on ill health pensions. 

The Cabinet Office agreed that this was an undesirable consequence and Prospect persuaded them and MyCSP to revisit their approach for such members. 

As a result, the two members have seen their annual pensions adjusted upwards by £8,000 and £17,000 respectively.

Phil McEvoy said: “This shows the value of union membership both before and after retirement. We used our judgement and experience to make forceful but measured representations to Cabinet Office and achieve a great outcome for members in need.

“Through collegiate work with the civil service we have been able to encourage a change in approach towards calculating pensions to the benefit of scheme members.”

One of the members affected said: “My thanks to Prospect and the dedicated team who have helped me through my career as a disabled employee of the Metropolitan Police Service.

“Prospect stepped in to support me during the ill health retirement process and challenged the Cabinet Office about the current pension rules.

“Without Prospect, my voice would not have reached the Cabinet Office to engage with them for a positive outcome. The difference to my pension will now help me plan a better standard of living for my family.”