Prospect update: Scrap the cap, tribunal fees unlawful & more

Prospect's July news update: Scrap the cap, tribunal fees unlawful & more

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Scrap the cap - email your MP today

Garry Graham

Public servants have seen their take-home pay cut by more than 15% in real terms since 2010.

This is a result of the government's public sector pay cap.

For those working in our public services the cap means falling living standards and unending financial insecurity.

As well as being deeply unfair for public service workers, the cap is also doing real damage to the vital services that we all depend on.

Prospect members want politicians to commit to end the pay cap for public sector workers, and then undertake a truly independent review of pay in the Public sector.

The campaign to end the pay cap is now gathering real momentum. To ask your local MP to commit their vote to end the pay cap, please email your MP using our simple campaign tool.  We've provided draft content that you can amend, or you can simply enter your details and hit send.

Thousands of Prospect members have already done this, from both public and private sectors, but we still need your help. Only by working together can we can make our voices heard.

Garry Graham
Prospect deputy general secretary

PS. If you've already written to your MP, we'll be in contact soon to share an update on the campaign. You can also ask your family, friends or colleagues to get involved.


Supreme court rules employment tribunal fees unlawful

The supreme court decision that the government's tribunal fees are unlawful shows how unions make work fairer @mikeclancy1

The supreme court has ruled today that employment tribunal fees charged since 2013 are unlawful. Trade union Unison brought the legal challenge against these fees, which could reach £1,200.

Since fees were introduced in July 2013, the number of employment tribunal claims has fallen by over 70%. Excessive fees to bring employment tribunal claims had the effect of pricing many workers out of justice.

Prospect has paid the fees for our members, so Prospect members could still access tribunals. This meant the number of cases brought on behalf of Prospect members did not reduce, with claims still submitted for over 380 members since fees were introduced.

However despite protecting the rights of our members, Prospect has argued throughout that the fees regime was unfair, discriminatory and unjustified.

Read the full news story or watch general secretary Mike Clancy's video.

What is Euratom and why does it matter?

Prospect has been heavily involved in the campaign to persuade the government that the UK should remain part of the European Atomic Energy community – Euratom.

Why does this matter? Watch General secretary Mike Clancy explain Euratom in under sixty seconds.


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