Members vote yes to civil service redundancy deal

Members vote yes to civil service redundancy deal

Prospect union members have voted to accept changes to the civil service compensation scheme.

In the ballot, which closed on 31 October, 84% voted in favour of the changes with 16% voting against.

Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said: “These are trying and testing times. It is through our dogged and determined approach to negotiations that we have been able to reach agreement and avoid having worse changes imposed on us.

“By negotiating, we were able to remove the worst excesses of the initial consultation proposals and deliver improvements in a number of areas.

“In informing the Cabinet Office of the result, we clearly indicated that neither the Cabinet Office nor the minister should take solace from the outcome – members remain deeply angry at the government and the approach it has taken.

“They are angry that the government saw fit to renege on the agreement reached in 2010.”

In relation to the latest proposals, Graham added that members saw the government’s threat to impose worse conditions if agreement could not be reached as “crass, high-handed and indicative of its disdain towards loyal public servants”.

He concluded: “We also clearly signalled that we would hold both this and future administrations to account for the new agreement and the commitment that it is intended to be enduring in nature.”