Poster competition for technicians in Diamond and STFC

Prospect launches poster competition to encourage engineering, science and IT technicians to showcase their skills

Prospect has launched a poster competition to encourage more technicians, and those in technical roles, to demonstrate their work.

The union’s RegTech project, launched in late 2014 and funded by the Gatsby Foundation, has been working with professional bodies and employers to encourage people in engineering, scientific or IT roles to embrace professional registration.

Lloyd Collier, RegTech project development leader said: “Registered technician status can be the foundation to progressing an individual’s career and professional development. Prospect research shows that there are more than 500 different types of technician status across its membership.

“These range from mechanical, electrical, laboratory and research technicians through to those working in archaeology, fisheries, horticulture, food and forensics.”

As part of the project, Prospect is training and supporting members to be workforce advocates for professional development – known as RegTech advisers.

Collier added: “We have a diverse group of RegTech advisers and are very excited about BCS – the new Chartered Institute of IT – which has also set up a register for IT professionals. This offers many of those working in IT the opportunity to have their skills and competences internationally-recognised for the first time.”

The poster competition aims to encourage more technicians to have their skills and knowledge recognised against international standards. It is open to individuals, technicians and apprentices who perform technical roles across engineering, science and IT functions. The posters will showcase their work and its impact at Diamond Light Source and across the Harwell campus.

Rachel Bennett, project manager, RegTech Project explained: “The poster should promote the diverse nature and skills of technicians at Diamond and industries across the private and public sectors. It is hugely encouraging that Prospect, the Science and Technology Facilities Council and Diamond are sponsoring this competition. We hope it will act as a catalyst for more people to get involved, support colleagues and promote and recognise the technician workforce.”

The competition launched on 8 February and will culminate in a celebration at Diamond Light Source, Harwell Campus, on 30 June 2016.

For more information about RegTech or the competition, please contact Lloyd Collier or 07760 767818