WPD Pay Negotiations 2016-2017

Prospect is balloting WPD members following pay negotiations 2016-2017

Following productive negotiations between WPD and Prospect a joint trade unions reps meeting is recommending members vote to accept the 2-year offer

  • 05 Feb 2016
  • Pay

Following productive negotiations between the company and trade unions at the EBF, a joint union representatives meeting took place on 25 January 2016 where it was agreed to recommend the 2-year pay offer to members.  

We are confident that this is a very good multi-year pay deal for members, and Prospect is strongly recommending that you vote ‘Yes’ to accept the offer. 

Year 1 – April 2016

2.5% on all salaries and ‘flow through’ items with effect from 1 April 2016
Amend EBA Clause 3.21 to read
“When Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day fall on a Saturday or Sunday, an employee who is required to be on standby or work on such a day will be entitled to payment at double time and to have an additional day added to the current holiday entitlement”

Holiday standby payment retainer payment (i.e. Weekend and Public Holiday rate) to apply to public holiday ‘eves’, when not a weekend.

Year 2 – April 2017

RPI* +0.5% on all salaries and ‘flow through’ items with effect from 1 April 2017, with a guaranteed minimum of 2.5%
With effect from 1 April 2017, an increase in base holiday entitlement form 27 to 28 days per year for all employees, current or future, on the start of their holiday year after the completion of 10- years’ continuous service.
*RPI to be calculated as the average July 2016 to December 2016 headline RPI.

This offer reflects the on-going success of the business and recognises the contribution that our members make to that, delivering

a 2016 increase significantly above inflation (the last RPI figure published was 1.2%) and above pay settlements that are being agreed elsewhere.
a 2017 increase that will be at least 0.5% above inflation, with a decent guaranteed minimum
an improvement to basic annual leave for 10 years continuous service and some stand-by arrangements
a no-strings attached increase, agreed and payable from the settlement dates (1 April 2016 and 1 April 2017)

Next steps

As you may know, Prospect’s policy is to hold electronic ballots, as these are the most cost effective way of maximising turnout and we ask that if we do not have a home email address for you that you provide one in the future to enable us to communicate with you directly, take part in ballots and access the full range of services.

However, for this WPD ballot - 

Where we hold a home email address on our records we will ballot members electronically (If this bounces back we will send a paper one out).

Where we do not hold a home email address (if we only have a work email address, or no email address) we send a postal ballot to the home address held on our records.

Please note that this is an exceptional arrangement that has been agreed to reflect limitations of internet use in the workplace, and due to the extra work involved members cannot choose whether they have an electronic or paper ballot.

The ballot will start on Monday 1 February and conclude at midday on Monday 22 February 2016.

Your local Prospect reps will be able to discuss the offer with you and your colleagues.  If you do not have a local rep and would like a visit from a member of the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) or myself please contact me on steve.thomas@prospect.org.uk

Please encourage other Prospect members to vote, and if you have colleagues who are not union members please use this excellent pay deal as a way of encouraging them to join.