Delivering “more with less” demands specialist skills

Delivering “more with less” demands specialist skills

Cuts to specialist roles in government will leave policy development “blind and impotent”

Following today’s publication of the spending review, deputy general secretary, Garry Graham, highlighted the fact that the civil service is now at its smallest size since 1939.

Graham said: “The cuts announced today have been made without any real understanding of the skills needed in the civil service. As such they are crude and arbitrary.

“The challenges facing the UK have never been greater in areas such as defence, security, climate change, transport and energy – this is not the time to be arbitrarily cutting specialist skills which enable us to respond intelligently.

Support for heritage

“On a brighter note, the Chancellor appears to have heeded our call for recognition of the important economic contribution made by heritage, a sector which has suffered from some of the most severe spending cuts in the last five years.

"We therefore welcome increased funding for the Arts Council and national museums and galleries as well as maintaining free museum entry.”

Graham added that while many portray the public sector as an “amorphous mass”, in reality it helps defend, protect, support and enhance much of what is essential to our way of life.

“Defending our citizens, protecting our environment and keeping us safe, supporting businesses and communities, helping keep the lights on and preserving and celebrating our cultural heritage are all crucial to life as we know it in Britain,” he concluded.

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