BT performance management - no quarterly marks in Q1/3

Performance management – no quarterly marks for this Q1/3

As part of the move to a continuous development approach to performance management, there should be no quarterly ratings for this Q1. Effective from the new APR year that started in April 2015, there will now only be ratings at Q2 and at year end.

This should mean a lighter touch to performance management with more focus on coaching for improvement and key actions rather than mountains of evidence and measurement. 

We know the only real test of the new approach will be how this feels on the ground. We would welcome feedback from members on their experience. Whilst individual managers can give an indication to people of how they are doing, we are very clear that there should be no collation or discussion of any form of ratings in either Q1 or Q3. That includes any form of ‘shadow’ ratings. We are pressing BT to ensure this message gets out consistently across the company.

If individual members see any evidence of ratings activity or experience any pressure to give shadow ratings please call this out to Prospect on [email protected]. Don’t assume we know about it. We can call things out to BT anonymously so long as we identify the relevant unit. Equally, you can also contact HR if you are concerned by any local activity which feels out of line with this approach and they should confirm the correct approach.

Inevitably people are sceptical about the change and it will take a long time to start to rebuild trust around performance management. BT has agreed to this change and we need to hold them to account on this whilst continuing to press for further improvements.

Assessment centres

We are continuing to get many queries and concerns raised with us around the BI and PPM assessment centres. We are dealing with these though our Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060. We will also be doing a further round of membership calls in due course. We continue to press and campaign for change in this approach.

Meanwhile there is extensive advice on our website here together with an on-line forum, FAQs and other materials.