Guernsey staff in pensions protest

Guernsey public servants say it's not too late for talks

Members of the union for professionals, Prospect, will join nurses, teachers, and other Guernsey public sector workers marching tomorrow (Saturday 25 April) to campaign for a fair deal on pensions.

Speaking ahead of the march and rally, which sets off at noon from Candie Gardens, Prospect negotiator Ben Middleton said: “Even as final protest preparations are being made the offer of talks to find a fair negotiated settlement remains open.

“Alongside preparing for what may prove to be a historic moment for Guernsey industrial relations, considerable effort has been put in behind the scenes to try and reach agreement.

“We have tried to find a way through that avoids the need to take it to the streets but the employer’s side appears unwilling to listen and unable to respond in a reasonable timeframe.

“We had hoped that last-minute interventions between union and States’ representatives earlier this week might have led to an option of further talks to break the deadlock. But, not only has the States declined, it also failed to provide a promised written response. What are they waiting for?

“We genuinely believe there is scope for a deal all parties can accept. This makes the States’ decision to force through the changes even more frustrating. In doing so taxpayers’ money will be wasted on unnecessary legal costs while creating a source of significant unrest for years to come.

“We believe there is a way forward that protects the taxpayer and public sector workers’ dignity in retirement. Our message to the States is that it’s not too late to salvage this situation but you’re cutting it very fine.”

For further information contact:

Ben Middleton 07810 795225 (m)  

Katherine Beirne 07753 933174 (m)