Prospect welcomes HIAL movement on Scottish airport security workers

Prospect welcomes HIAL movement on Scottish airport security workers following strike

Prospect today welcomes Scottish airport group HIAL’s stated intention of making a formal offer this week in response to the union’s claim for equal treatment of security staff in AMSL.

Alan Denney, Prospect national secretary, said: “We are pleased that management has made progress in formulating a response to our claim following last week’s 48-hour strike by members.

“We look forward to receiving a written offer and entering into a constructive dialogue with HIAL on the basis of this. We hope this will lead to a swift resolution of our dispute.

“The legal mandate for further strike action remains, but if HIAL makes a reasonable offer which addresses our objective of securing equal treatment for AMSL workers, we should not need to exercise that option.”

In the six years since HIAL brought security in house, management has failed to agree equal pay, holidays, and sick pay for AMSL’s airport security workers.

Prospect represents more than 120 of AMSL’s 160 workers covering eleven Scottish airports including Dundee, Inverness, Stornoway and Sumburgh.

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