New standards for school improvement

School improvement professionals unveil new standards

Consistent standards to guide and inspire school improvement professionals are imperative as the government dismantles established structures of support for schools, the Aspect group of Prospect said this week.

That's why the union representing more than 3,000 school improvement professionals has updated its Standards for Educational Development and Improvement Professionals in England.

Leslie Manasseh, Prospect deputy general secretary, said: "The Standards promote consistent, ethical values in a fast-changing landscape. They provide the ammunition for school improvement professionals to oversee the delivery of high quality services that, above all, put children first, in settings ranging from nursery schools to academies.

"England's schools are enduring a period of unprecedented change and serial reorganisation, with the fragmentation of established structures of support and professional development.

"In the past, school improvement professionals, advisors and inspectors were mainly employed by local authorities, but they now work across a range of local authorities, government agencies, academy chains and private sector contractors. These Standards provide a foundation for all these roles and responsibilities."

Download a PDF of the standards