Counting down to A Future That Works

October 20: A chance to back policies for skills, jobs and growth

There are just weeks to go until the TUC marches and rallies against austerity - and all the indications are that the October 20 demonstrations will be even better supported than the March for the Alternative in 2011.

Expressions of support, pledges of attendance and Twitter messages are rolling in to Prospect from members and branches all over the UK, even from people hundreds of miles from the site of one of the marches in London, Glasgow or Belfast.

In a message to reps, general secretary Paul Noon said all Prospect members were being hurt by the government’s misguided economic policies and its austerity programme, which showed no sign of working.

“After two and a half years the economy is shrinking and the deficit is growing. This is the result of deliberate actions that have hit the private and public sectors equally hard,” he said, citing the 46% cuts to government investment in infrastructure and the war on public sector pay, jobs and pensions.

Employees and their families were being affected by policies on student debt, youth unemployment and policing which in the longer term would give rise to serious social issues and jeopardise "the life chances of a generation."

Noon continued: “It’s time to demand a change of policy. It’s time for the government to abandon failed policies and invest for growth. It’s time to march for a future that works.”

He asked reps to do everything possible to publicise details of the marches locally and in all communications and meetings with members, including the use of social media.

Up-to-date details of arrangements can be found through links from the Prospect website. A dedicated Twitter feed @futurethatworks is being used to build momentum and will be a key source of information on the day. The hashtag #Oct20 is being used to link up people supporting the march.

Prospect has produced a range of campaign material to publicise the events at workplaces, starting with a four-minute video ‘Before It’s Too Late’ showing six Prospect members affected by the cuts who come together to go on the TUC demonstration. This can be viewed through the Prospect website at

Posters and stickers will be distributed to branches in the week beginning 1 October and leaflets will be produced as PDFs for printing locally. A Prospect badge will be sent to every member who signs the TUC pledge to attend.

Space on trade union coaches and trains to the marches is being advertised on the website

If there is enough demand in your area to book a coach for members to travel to a march, Prospect will meet the costs. Please contact Parmjit Dhanda at [email protected] if you plan to do so or for more information about help with travel costs.

Would all those planning to attend let the following know:

London - [email protected]

Glasgow - [email protected]

Belfast - [email protected]