Colombian trade unionist released from jail

Prospect celebrates Colombian trade unionist's release from prison

Prospect is celebrating the news that Colombian trade unionist Liliany Obando has been released from prison. We had been campaigning since she was arrested in August 2008, and had raised funds for her legal defence.

A delegation of 21 trade union leaders, MPs and lawyers waited hours at the prison gates to meet Liliany, along with media, her family and colleagues. Although now free on bail, she still faces a legal case. Her life is also in grave danger since the Colombian mainstream media publically alleged that Liliany is a member of FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).

Justice for Colombia has asked Liliany's supporters to add their name to a letter to the Colombian ambassador calling for her urgent protection.

The first thing Liliany said to us when she walked out of the prison gates was, "See - you got me out!" Speaking to her lawyers and Colombian colleagues, they believe she was released because of international pressure.

Prospect has supported Liliany from the time of her arrest and imprisonment in August 2008 – this support has been through fundraising activity for her legal defence, raising awareness across our international development network, attending vigils, sending letters of protest/ solidarity and meeting with the Colombian Ambassador. We will continue to press for all charges against Liliany to be dropped.

For more details on Liliany's release please see the Justice for Colombia website.