Performance Management in Openreach

Performance Management in Openreach

Members will be aware that the union has been working hard with Openreach to ensure that individual performance is managed in line with the national BT wide agreement.

We’re sure members have also felt the benefit of moving away from quarterly levelling to twice yearly, which we believe is an important step in the right direction. In addition regular discussions between the union and Openreach have also taken place and we’re pleased to share here an exchange of correspondence which captures the official Openreach position with regards the most common complaints from members in Openreach. We encourage all members to read these letters.

Openreach have also launched an engagement programme around performance management, which includes knowledge calls and briefing packs, and is about reinforcing the right behaviours around performance management. Prospect very much welcomes this work, and asks that all members get involved, support the programme and insist that they’re managed in line with the agreement. If you come across examples of this not happening, please challenge it via your Line Manager, and alert the union to your concerns. These letters, and the engagement programme are an important first step to getting this right, and we must all work together in order to keep moving in the right direction.

The union could not have pushed this agenda without the evidence and feedback provided by members, so this is an excellent example of standing together, helping to make a difference at work.

Please talk to colleagues about the work of the union, and the importance of being a member.