Airwave Update from the Prospect 2012 Project Team

Airwave Update from the Prospect 2012 Project Team

As you know, Prospect has established a team of local Reps to talk to Airwave as we approach the London 2012 Olympics. This is obviously a major piece of work for the company, and one that affects many of our members.

We know lots of Airwave employees are really excited to be working on this project, and everyone wants to see it be a great success for the company, and Great Britain in hosting this major event.

To that end, the union has established a group of Reps who are regularly talking to Airwave about any concerns affecting members working on this project, or indeed working on Airwave BAU activities during this unique period of time. Here’s a quick run through of the issues discussed at the last meeting:

Roof top working: 
Airwave assured Prospect that any work on roof tops by Airwave staff and their contractors will be subject of strict RFC (request for change) procedure. We’re also continuing to discuss this issue with Airwave to establish a written document capturing the methods of working. Airwave will also put this request to the Met Police.

Staff deployment/Complementary Field Force:
Staff who have volunteered their services’ should by now have received notification of their role and their work location, the Para-Olympics schedule is now being worked through. Training specific to role is being arranged and will be forthcoming.

Allowances workflow chart for staff and line managers:
Prospect are pushing for a clear document setting out procedures and practices with regards reward/requests during the Olympics work. Airwave have confirmed they are aiming to have this document published in Docman by the end of December 2011.

Assurances were given that the Complementary Field Force will be trained to carry out their roles at a time close enough to the actual games to avoid any “training fade”.   The training schedule has now been published, staff should have been allocated training sessions.

Use of Pulse:
Prospect requested that there is a single point of truth so as there will be clarity around the Olympics with regards claims and reward. We want that set out so there is no dubiety between colleagues downstream. Airwave are aiming to publish by the end of this calendar year.

Goodwill  payment: 
Prospect have asked for further details and clarity concerning who will be eligible for this £1,000 goodwill payment. Again, these details are expected to be available by the end of the calendar year 2011.

Health and Safety Review of CFF (Complimentary Field Force)Work Locations

The Airwave Health and Safety Team are visiting each site to carry out Health and Safety inspections, to include facilitates, amenities and protection from the sun etc. This work is on-going and Prospect will keep in contact with the Health and Safety Team.

Lone Female worker arrangements
Accommodation will be provided as close to working locations as possible for these workers. We continue to press this point for all lone workers to ensure members are working in as safe an environment as possible, particularly for those with responsibility for equipment.

Late shift meal arrangements

This is part of an-going dialogue, hopefully we’ll have further details for our next update.

Annual Leave Carry Over
Airwave have confirmed an additional 5 days annual leave (so 10 days altogether with their managers agreement) can be carried forward into the new leave year (2013), for those staff within the Service Organisation who meet the agreed criteria .

(Nevertheless, as always Prospect would encourage members to try and find a way to take the years allocation if at all possible and ensure they’re getting the appropriate rest breaks throughout the year.)

If you have any further questions or concerns not covered by this update, please contact the Prospect Helpdesk. Feedback is always appreciated.

Don’t forget, it’s your union, so please talk to colleagues about the importance of being a member and supporting the work of your local Reps:

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