Dundee strike on hold

Dundee strike on hold for further pay talks

Prospect has agreed to postpone the one-day strike at Dundee airport planned for Monday (April 30) to allow further talks over pay harmonisation with colleagues at other Scottish airports run by Highlands & Islands Airports.

The dispute centred over the 2011 pay offer for a zero increase, with only a £250 rise for those earning less than £21,000, in line with other public sector organisations across the UK.

Members at Dundee airport were further incensed as the deal contained no measures to harmonise their pay with colleagues doing the same job within the group, who are paid up to £10,000 more.

The agreement to postpone the action comes after negotiations with the Scottish Government resulted in HIAL being given the green light to open harmonisation talks. A meeting between Prospect, the company and the conciliation service ACAS on Monday will seek to agree a timetable to achieve equality between the airports.

National secretary Alan Denney said: "Given the lack of any progress in negotiations our members felt they had no option other than to take industrial action, so they welcome any opportunity to resolve the dispute through discussion, even at this late hour.

"The strike ballot will however remain valid during this period and, however reluctantly, members will feel forced to act if any further barriers arise in their bid to gain equal treatment."

The planned one-day strike would have closed Dundee airport. Plans for an immediate work-to-rule, including an overtime ban, would have impacted on late running aircraft unable to reach the airport by 10.00pm, due to the non-availability of Prospect members working as fire-fighting crews and air traffic control and fuelling staff. The airport closes at 10.00pm.