Salary Pay Dates in Telereal Trillium - September 2011

Salary Pay Dates in Telereal Trillium - September 2011

We've been contacted by Telereal to discuss proposals to align pay dates across the company.


Currently, there are two pay roll dates, 25th of the month and last working day of the month.

We understand Telereal have been looking at aligning these two dates for some time, as it makes much more sense to have everyone paid on the same day. Telereal are proposing using the 25th of the month as the date on which all employees are paid from Jan 1 2012.

Some members may be aware that an internal note setting out this proposal, intending to be a "heads up" to senior managers may have been cascaded to some parts of the business unintentionally. We'd like to reassure members that this is remains a "proposal", and is therefore not yet final, and Telereal have approached us to discuss the proposal.

In addition, there is a second part of the proposal which is to align the expenses run, and reduce the twice monthly opportunity to make a claim to a single monthly timetable. Again, this is about consistency in the organisation and a simplification of finance procedures.

Prospect has had an initial dialogue with Telereal regarding these proposals - which if agreed will start from 1 January 2012. We can see the logic to this alignment, and have no in-principle based objections, but we're keen to receive feedback from members. Moving the pay date forward for those currently paid at the end of the month shouldn't be too disruptive, but members may need to amend standing orders and ensure personal finances are in order in time for the change at Jan 1. There is still time to address any issues or concerns that individuals may have, so feel free to flag them to us. It might be helpful to also note that aligning pay dates in this way is very common, particularly in companies where staff groups have been brought together via TUPE transfers.