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Job Family Reviews

BT is restructuring the Client Management job family with effect from 1 April 2011. The main change is to lift and shift people in roles with a sales pay plan into the Sales job family. There will be no change to current terms and conditions as a result of this exercise. The only change for individuals will be that their role will have a new RF role code. The affected disciplines are Business management, Client Business Development and Solutions/outsourcing Deal Architect. Individuals will be written to personally explaining the new role code.

For those individuals mapped to the GM, Client Management role (CMBD01) this will remain unchanged and stay within the CM job family.

Within the remaining Client Management roles the Partner Management discipline will become the Partner/Vendor Management discipline and some people will be mapped into these roles from other CM and BI roles. The numbers involved are relatively small.

Salary ranges will be reviewed as part of the 2011 pay review as is the standard practice. Those discussions are ongoing and the outcome will be published to members in due course.

Job Sizing Tool

We are discussing with BT improvements to the current reward framework job sizing process and methodology. The aim will be to have a fair and robust tool that can be used across all the BT Reward framework job families. However, given the sheer number of roles and job families, the development of the tool will take time as it needs to be subject to careful testing. In general terms BT does not intend to embark on a wholesale remapping exercise but does need a robust tool to size new and changed jobs. That is what we will be working with BT to develop over the coming period.

BT will be running a pilot scheme during Quarter 1 using the new approach. During this pilot phase the tools and processes will only be used within certain areas of the business and on certain roles and in particular circumstances. The roles and LOBs to be covered in this first pilot will be HR and Finance Job Family roles including jobs in EMEA and LATAM outside the UK and for Project Management roles in Openreach and BTID. The only roles to be sized using the tool will be new singleton jobs, vacancies, and jobs where there is a very significant change in role responsibilities up or down. There will not be a general remapping exercise. The pilot will run from 1st April to the end of June and will be managed by a small trained HR team. Discussions with Prospect will be on-going as the tools and process are developed and refined across all the RF job families. In the meantime the existing job mapping process will be used elsewhere where appropriate - that is available on the right hand side of this page

Starting Pay On Appointment - arrangements re-instated

We reached agreement in principle in 2010 for the re-introduction of automatic movement to the range minimum where people were promoted or re-graded and their pay, prior to the new appointment, was below the minimum for the new pay range. Since last summer there have been a number of four-monthly reviews, where those appointed or promoted in the previous four months have had their pay reviewed and where necessary have had their pay increased to the new range minimum (capped at £5,000 pa).

We have now reached agreement with BT on formalising an automatic process. Anyone appointed to an advertised vacancy (or appointed via the redeployment process) will now move to the range minimum with effect from the 1st of the month after the appointment has been approved, although the increase will initially be capped at £5,000pa.

Where the individual's role has changed sufficient to justify a re-grading (or role change in other words) then that individual's pay will be reviewed as part of a quarterly review process. If the role change is approved, the individual will move to the role minimum. In addition, anyone who had previously been subjected to the £5,000 cap will also be moved to the range minimum, provided their performance is DN or better.

Let the union know if you are promoted, appointed or re-graded and your pay is not moved to the range minimum.

New on-line Marketing discipline

BT is introducing a new on-line marketing discipline to the Marketing job family to cover jobs where the work is predominantly concerned with on-line. New role profiles and new pay ranges have been developed.

Individuals will be advised personally if they will be remapped to these new roles. In the main they are already in the Marketing job family. All people being remapped are moving to roles with the same or better salary ranges, OTB and the same Benefit Band. All people will move across on a lift and shift basis ie their salary will not change. The only exception will be if someone is paid below the new minimum for the role in which case their salary will be increased to the new minimum subject to a max increase of £5,000, effective from 1 April 2011.

Invitation: online self-help for stress, anxiety or depression

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression BT would like to invite you to take part in an external, independent study testing online self-help for people experiencing these conditions. You are invited to log on to: where different forms of information and assessment are provided. If you meet the study requirements, you will be offered one of two forms of support and contacted weekly to see how you are getting on. The researchers do not know which of these approaches is most effective, but we expect that they will both be more effective than doing nothing. By joining the study, you will help them to find out what works best for whom.

For any further information on the study please email the researchers: The study is funded by the British Occupational Health Research Foundation and involves researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry, London; the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health; and the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham.

It is completely independent of BT and BT will not be provided with information or feedback on any individual. Everyone who participates will receive online feedback of their results.

Take part in a survey on how changes at work affect people's health

BT is also taking part in a survey which will look at the health issues associated with restructuring and changes in working conditions, and you're invited to get involved. It does not matter whether your job has been affected by organisational change and restructuring or not.

The survey is called "Working Conditions and Adaptation to Change: Study of Health Issues Associated with Restructuring". It has been designed to help understand how changes in job conditions affect people's health and feelings and how people view change in their work conditions. It is taking place across several countries of the European Union and has been funded by the European Commission. In the UK the survey is being delivered over the telephone by professional interviewers from Accent Marketing and Research Ltd, supported by Kingston University.

What's involved?

If you'd like to take part you would be asked to do a telephone interview with a professional interviewer from Accent Marketing and Research Ltd. The interview will take about 20 minutes and you will be asked questions about things like:

• Your age, sex and education, and other demographic information.
• Your job conditions
• Your general health, feelings and thoughts

All the information you provide during the interview is totally confidential and will only be used for research purposes. BT will have no knowledge of who decides to take part and will not receive any personally identifiable information.

Taking part

Getting involved in the survey is voluntary but we really hope you will take part. The answers you provide will be valuable in helping build an understanding of how changes in the workplace can affect health. The results could also be used to influence changes in public policy to benefit people in similar situations in future.

If you want to get involved, please complete this form. Please include your name, telephone number and details of the best time for the interviewer to contact you.

Leaving BT?

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