Prospect in BT - Membership Surveys

Prospect in BT - Membership Surveys

Complete our BT membership surveys to help us with our negotiating agenda.

The union conducts regular surveys of its members on a number of different issues and the fantastic response we get to these helps us no end in pressing our agenda on members' concerns with BT.

We have just published some of the results of the 2010 survey of members' terms and conditions in BT, which is a survey we conduct annually after the June pay review. Some of the analysis is still to be done, but the major part of the results is there, including sections on the 2010 pay review; hours of work; and stress and bullying in the workplace. Members can access the survey results by clicking on the right hand side of this page - but note that the survey is for members only.

Additionally, Prospect is running another couple of surveys at the minute, one on Performance Management across all our members in BT; and one on Pay and Respect in BT Retail contact centres. We have had a good response to these already but, if you have not yet completed this survey, you still time have to do so.

The Performance Management survey can also be found on the right hand side of this page, while a special version of this same survey, with additional questions appropriate to the situation facing our members in BT Retail contact centres, can also be found on the right hand side of this page. Only click on this link, however, if you work in a BT Retail contact centre.

We hope you find the results interesting and, if you haven't yet filled in the appropriate one of the above two surveys, we look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible.