Performance Management in BT Global Services

Performance Management in BT Global Services

We recently met with the new policy lead on Performance Management within BT GS and were pleased to identify so much common ground and understanding.

We were able to capture a list of concerns reflecting the various themes that members have raised with Prospect and talked those through with BT. Having signed the new performance management agreement with BT Group last year, there's still a great deal of work to do to ensure that everyone understands the new Two Way Deal and sticks to the sprit of it. In addition, we raised examples where performance management is turning into an industry all of its own and occupying far too much business time. We've tackled that directly within areas of GCSO where BT has confirmed that the use of the interview technique SOARA is not appropriate and shouldn't be used. Localised comms from BT should be picking that up. And we're also working hard to establish that evidence does need to be provided - but it needs to be "just enough". Clearly in some areas this has become a ridiculously onerous task. BT confirm that this is not necessary, or helpful. We wrote formally to BT Global Services to capture our key concerns and ask for support in addressing these issues and have had a positive response. You can read that exchange of correspondence here (and share it with your team if you need to.)

Letter to Sarah Ward from Barbara Nerval in Response to - Performance Management in BT Global Services

Letter to Barbara Nerval from Sarah Ward - Performance Management in BT Global Services

In addition, Prospect has produced plenty of documentation to help advise members and support individuals who might be concerned that they're affected by either a breach of the new agreement - or it might be a genuine performance issue and they'd like support to turn their performance round. All our guidance is available via the Prospect website (Connect section) See below.

Performance Management Guidance

2011/2012 Sales Pay Plan

Prospect was invited to a meeting with the BT Global Services Pay Plan holders and we talked through proposals for the new pay plan for the forthcoming financial year. There are a number of outstanding issues we're discussing with BT GS about the plan, which all being well should launch on 1 April.


Members working in this part of the business will know that transformation is on-going and relentless. Prospect has asked BT for a more regular dialogue where we can discuss the concerns our members are raising in this part of the business. We know that the on-going TLR pressures have meant some members transferring to the BTTC and we need to establish a clear understanding of how that practise looks moving into the new financial year. In addition, we're keen to keep a check on reported instances of long working hours and people feeling the pressure. If you work in this part of the business, we'd welcome your feedback and your help in representing your fellow members, so please get in touch and let us know how it's going in your part of the business.

Prospect Connect Sectional Conference - 16 and 17 June 2011

As we hope that Spring is on the way, we can look ahead to the Connect Sectional conference which is fast approaching. This being the case, the Reps in BT Global Services are keen to hear from you. What do you think are the key issues facing our sector of the union (Communications and IT). What are we doing well, what could we do better? The Conference has a key role to play in setting the strategic direction of the Connect sector for the next 2 years. Your input means you can play your part too in shaping the future direction. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see the Union discuss. Even better - if you'd like to come along, contact the National Office asap (details below).

Connect Sector National Office
30 St Georges Road
SW19 4BD

Telephone - 0208 971 6000

Any other business?

Your Reps on the Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) are busy talking to BT about a wide variety of topics from life in the BTTC; meeting Pam Farmer to talk about Diversity and we're negotiating to ensure smooth transfers for members affected by TUPE. At the same time we're representing, supporting and advising individual members on a number of different areas.

All this is voluntary work, on top of the day job. Please talk to your members about the work of your Union and if they're not yet a member perhaps you can persuade them to join and make our voice even more effective. Volunteering with the union has never been easier and assistance would be welcome whether long term or offering your expertise on particular issues.