Steria News Update July 2011

Steria News Update July 2011

BT has yet again demanded further reductions in the price Steria charges it to deliver its services.

As a consequence Steria will need to reduce costs. Much of this will not be UK related but Steria will offer a very limited number of voluntary redundancy opportunities to those whose release may allow the company to reduce its cost by offshoring some work.

The Company has assured us that there is no need for any formal redundancy exercise. In fact there are very few opportunities. Nonetheless if you are interested without any commitment and believe that your release could be managed in a way that helps Steria to reduce its costs on the BT contract you may wish to seek further details from Mark Fowles in HR.

Pay Review
We are continuing to press Steria about its decision not to grant any salary increase other than to low paid employees and those who have contractual rights through staged pay awards. At this stage the company appears to be taking a very rigid view. Prospect and other unions have been reminding the company that inflation remains high and members report there is considerable unfairness bearing in mind the UK is the biggest contributor to Steria's profits, yet employees in France and other European centres are receiving pay awards.

Prospect is keen to understand what steps members would be prepared to take to take to support our pay claim if the company does not review its position. Please let us know by responding to this by emailing