BT Procurement Re-organisation

BT Procurement Re-organisation

The restructuring of the Procurement Function in BT has reached the appointment process for levels 4 and below. Prospect has been engaged in discussion in the last few days with Procurement about this process.

A majority of roles will remain largely unchanged, and will migrate to the new structure on a 'life and shift' basis. Some roles will cease and new roles will be created. All people whose roles disappear will be eligible to apply for the new roles in the business at their current level.

Where roles are deemed 'lift and shift' there will be an enhanced focus on proximity to customers and stakeholders, with time allocated on a model of 40% Customer / 40% Supplier / 20% other.

The business was clear that it recognises that this will change the way in which many peoples roles will be structured. Where increased travelling is necessary to achieve customer and supplier contact, there will be necessary flexibility in the setting and approval of T&S budgets. The business recognises that it wont be able to implement this model with the sort of travel restrictions which have applied recently.

It is likely that the new model will result in an increase in travelling time for most, although we would expect, and the company has agreed, that such travel should be reasonable, and able to be managed by individuals around sensible working hours. There is, however, no truth in rumours circulating in some areas that individuals will be required to fund some travel costs from their own pocket. Any such suggestions should be highlighted to us.

A number of members have raised specific points with us about the proposals as they may affect them, and we are pursuing these matters with the company.