Voluntary Paid Leaver Scheme launched in BT Global Services

Voluntary Paid Leaver Scheme launched in BT Global Services

BT Global Services has today announced that a Voluntary Paid Leaver Scheme window is now open, with the closing date for applications being 20th October 2010.

The Voluntary Paid Leaver Scheme terms are "one month's salary for every year of continuous service capped at a maximum payment of 12 months and a minimum payment of six months". This is the standard offer which BT has offered in the most recent voluntary paid leaver schemes.

Leaving dates for successful applications is set to be 31st October 2010.

A Voluntary Scheme
Prospect is keen to remind members that this is a voluntary scheme. That means that no one can force you to apply if you choose to remain with BT, but also that BT reserves the right to refuse applications (usually on the grounds of skill set or operational needs.) This scheme has to be agreed by both parties.

We understand there is no reduction target in association with this scheme, but BT has committed to keep a regular dialogue with the union on numbers of applications etc as the programme unfolds.

In addition to the point made above, the negotiating team for Prospect in Global Services (the IRC) is due to meet Ron Masssey (Head of Resourcing in BT GS) next week to understand the overall strategy in relation to resourcing this year. The union is keen to understand better the various people moves taking place across Global Services and the balance between reducing fixed people costs, and contractors. We will endeavour to update members following that meeting and would welcome any views from members in the mean time.

Keep in touch with your union
If you have any concerns about the application of this scheme in your area, or questions around resourcing in general, we welcome your feedback.

You can contact the union via our Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060 or via [email protected]