Yell Redundancy Consultation - October 2010

Yell Redundancy Consultation - October 2010

Prospect have an update since our last briefing on 15th October.

Further to our last briefing on 15th October your Prospect representatives have been engaged in a series of meetings with Yell over the past week to understand the companies proposals in respect of the head count reductions they propose to make.

These discussions have covered both the number of reductions proposed and the company's overall strategy for change in each of the departments affected. They have necessarily been lengthy and whilst we appreciate that members may have wished to have greater detail sooner I can reassure you that your representatives have used this time to fully understand the proposals made and challenge the rationale where necessary. All parties are committed to ensuring that we complete this process as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that the proposals are fit for purpose.

We are now at the stage where individuals whose roles are deemed 'in scope' for change will be consulted about the proposals and the selection criteria that would be used where the number of roles is reducing.

If your role is 'in scope' your line manager will get in touch with you today to inform you of this, explain the rationale, and let you know what options are available to you. You have the opportunity here, and over the course of the next few weeks, to challenge the rationale or the selection criteria and if you wish to make representations on either of those you should let your manager know or speak to one of your prospect reps (who can be contacted on

The collective consultation will continue and will take account of feedback received from individuals affected.

Remember that your representatives have organised an all members meeting to take place at 12.30pm on Monday 25th October in Room 9.21, One Reading Central. Myself and Ben Marshall, Prospect's Assistant General Secretary will be in attendance to give members an update on the current discussions and answer any questions you my have about the proposed redundancies and changes to the final salary scheme (the consultation on which has not yet commenced). I urge all members to attend - the company will give you time off from your day job to facilitate this.

Remember Prospect have clear policies relating to the type of assistance that can be provided to individuals who join the union with an existing issue. Existing members receive priority and a wider level of service than those who join with an issue. So if you have colleagues who are not already members they can via this website.