Performance Management in BT GS UK Markets

Performance Management in BT GS UK Markets

A significant number of members have contacted the union following a conference call in BTGS UK Markets last week.

During the call, it is alleged that statements were made about allocating DPR scores in line with sales target achievement. Specifically, we've received many reports stating that anyone below 80% of achievement at the end of Q2 would automatically be marked as "Development Needed".

Prospect has taken this issue up with Global Services HR. We asked for clarification as to how the performance management policy is being applied within this part of the business.

In response, BT has made it absolutely clear that the new BT wide agreement on performance management is in place, and will be applied to employees in this area.

Members can read the new agreement on the Connect Sector Website "Performance Management in BT". Members can also access further guidance online about the how performance management is intended to work in BT. We provide tips and advice for members to getting the best from this process.

Remember, your DPR score is about you as an individual. It's about how you're performing against standards and behaviours set (and agreed) at the start of the year. It must be evidenced based, and there are no automatic triggers for particular DPR marks, nor is there a forced distribution of marks in accordance with a bell curve. So failing to hit 80% of target should not result in an automatic DN mark, all the other factors also need to be taken into account. We would encourage any member affected by or hearing references along these lines to contact the union asap.

The Prospect Help Desk can talk you through that process - 020 8971 6060 or e-mail [email protected] for further information.

We're not entirely clear what happened on the conference call last week, but the important thing is the clarification from BT, that DPR scores are to be managed in line with the new agreement. In addition, Global Services HR have stated they're keen to work with Prospect to ensure that everyone in GS benefits from good management of performance.

Many thanks to the members who raised concerns with us on this issue. Remember, it's your union - so keep in touch.