Proposed relocation of Ericsson from Erlang House

Proposed relocation of Ericsson from Erlang House

Members working in the Erlang House building in Warrington have been informed of Ericsson's intention to vacate the site.

This follows Vodafone's announcement to outsource their operations to HEROtsc which will mean a transfer of site management.

Prospect has also been advised and will engage in consultation with Ericsson on behalf of members over the coming weeks. We will be looking to establish what alternative relocation sites and packages are available for members.

Our understanding is that the transfer of site ownership will be 1 July. Prospect will need to work with the business to ensure that the alternatives and options are properly considered, and that changes are compensated and implemented with a reasonable timescale, particularly given the significant impact that relocation may have on members and their families.

If you have any comments or questions please contact your Prospect rep Paul Cowan, or alternatively Ken Harwood or myself. We would welcome feedback and suggestions that we can put to the business as part of the consultation process.

We will keep you posted on progress.