Prospect condemns Vodafone for lack of consultation

Prospect condemns Vodafone for lack of consultation

Prospect has reacted angrily to Vodafone’s plan to push through 375 job cuts.

The union has contacted Vodafone to express its serious concerns over these job cuts and the complete lack of consultation with our members.

In particular it highlights reports that individuals are being asked to leave the business without notice, and with no redundancy consultation having taken place.

Steve Thomas, Prospect National Officer said: “This is a disgraceful way to treat employees, particularly some very long serving and loyal members of staff who have been with Vodafone from the early days and have made the company a success.

"We are also extremely disappointed to have learnt about these cuts from the media and not from the company.

"We will be representing members throughout this process and are advising all Prospect members to contact the union urgently before accepting the terms of any proposed individual agreement."

Prospect members should contact the helpdesk on 020 8971 6060.