Service Improvement Plan

Service Improvement Plan

Prospect has continued our productive dialogue with Internal Audit about its Service Improvement Programme.

Internal Audit has confirmed that its assessment process is about identifying development areas for individuals and best fit in the new IA organisation. It is not designed to displace individuals. In fact it has been confirmed that there are not any pass / fail criteria nor a "league table" approach. As a result of the exercise IA intends to develop an upskilling programme within a consistent organisational design and individuals will all have Personal Development Plans. IA fully understands the value that many people bring to the unit with their engineering and other skill backgrounds, even if at this stage they don't have formal audit qualifications.

Where possible a lift and shift process will be adopted in building the organisation. The selection process will be used where there are either new posts or in circumstances where there are more people than posts.

Where members have concerns we hope that they will raise them with their managers but please also feel free to contact Prospect by replying to this briefing and we will continue to work with IA to ensure the SIP develops to provide the best outcome for IA and our members.

Prospect representation

Many thanks to James Whittaker for his help as a Prospect representative for some years. James is now leaving BT after 26 eventful years with the Company. He will be missed by many of us.

The union is keen to have up to 2 representatives within Internal Audit to help ensure members views continue to be accurately represented in our consultations. If you are interested in assisting then please take the opportunity to contact James over the next few days and he will explain what is involved.

Some of your colleagues are not members of Prospect. Please feel free to pass this briefing to them and encourage them to join us by reviewing our web site.