Migration of the UK LAN/Wan and I&I Services Update

Migration of the UK LAN/Wan and I&I Services Update

In February of this year the union notified members working on the Barclays Contract of the migration of the UK LAN/WAN and I&I Services and Barclays intention to terminate these services

A conference call which took place between BT, Prospect and CWU this week set out a framework for our discussions going forward. The first face to face meeting may take place at the end of this month depending on how things progress.

Prospect has received a number of calls from members who have been asked to attend meetings with the HR manager and the Contract manager next week. These meetings will be on a group basis with further individual meetings taking place to inform employees as to whether they are in scope or not. We referred to these meetings in our original comms but they're obviously taking place a little later than originally intended.

We would advise members to attend these meetings in order to gather as much information as possible and to then feed in any concerns you may have to Prospect the Connect Sector [email protected].

We will continue to update members as the negotiations start in earnest. Your Prospect Team for these negotiations consists of Paul Crosby and Ian Varnes (from the Global Services Industrial Relations Committee) and Sarah Ward, National Officer.