Redundancy Consultation

Redundancy Consultation

Following further consultation with Prospect and the Employee Reps this week, Airwave are publishing proposed organisation charts.

These charts set out early thoughts for the on-going structure of the company and the associated rationale.

This will allow members to examine the proposed structure and to understand how the areas in which they work may be affected.

At this stage, we want to remind members that this remains a voluntary process. This means that members working in affected areas should continue to approach this situation with careful regard to their own career development plans and consider for themselves whether or not to volunteer for VR.

Prospect has repeatedly asked for flexibility in this process, and Airwave have confirmed that this remains their approach too. This means that the future structure of the organisation may be amended depending on who volunteers to leave the company over coming months.

While the re-organisation clearly identifies areas where there are proposed reductions, there are also many new roles which have been created to ensure the strategic success of the company. So there maybe opportunities for members to redeploy through this process.

It may also be the case that members feel they would be able to fill a vacancy if they were provided with an element of training. Airwave have indicated that they are willing to explore this scenario on a case by case basis. This should be helpful in enabling those wishing to volunteer from non affected areas to go, allowing others from areas where there are reductions to potentially back-fill vacated roles. At the moment there is no indication that a Flexible Resource Pool will be a feature of the new organisation.

Clearly this is a very organic situation and it's important that members push for choice and flexibility wherever possible.

Members are also encouraged to keep in touch with the union and let us have feedback , questions or concerns.

In particular any members who feel they are being put under unnecessary pressure to "volunteer" should contact us urgently.

We have a further consultation meeting arranged later this month and are in regular contact with Airwave HR, we will therefore update members whenever possible.

In addition, we are seeking to arrange meetings for members to attend over the next week or so and will publish details shortly.

Personal Contracts

Finally, a note to our members within the Personal Contract community. We continue to be frustrated that Airwave does not recognise Prospect for collective bargaining purposes for the PCG or PSG community.

We applaud the work currently being carried out by the workplace Reps during this consultation process, but continue to press Airwave that this is a voice that should be heard all year round.

We therefore urge all our members to help us in this cause, talk to your colleagues about the work of the union and encourage them to join and help us ensure that the right to representation is extended to all members in Airwave.

We recognise that this is a very difficult and challenging time for everyone at Airwave, so please don't hesitate to keep in touch with your union, we're doing all we can to support our members and we welcome your views.

Contact us

Your principle officers in Airwave are:

Dave Smith - [email protected]
Terry Stonehouse - [email protected]
Sarah Ward (National Officer) via [email protected]