Transfer of work from Hayes to Romania - Ericsson Vodafone Managed Services

Transfer of work from Hayes to Romania - Ericsson Vodafone Managed Services

Members will have been informed of Ericsson's plans to transfer event management, 1st level incident management and 1st level maintenance execution roles to Romania.

This proposal will directly affect members working within the 24/7 shift team including team leaders and engineers in Hayes.

The announcement will be a shock to members working not just in Hayes but across the Vodafone managed service, coming barely 12 months after the transfer from Vodafone.

Consultation between Prospect and Ericsson on behalf of members has started and we have expressed our concerns for this group and for others working on the contract. Our initial meetings have been constructive and we have been encouraged by Ericsson's commitment to dialogue.

Clearly with such a significant proposal our key concern is for members whose roles are being transferred. In line with this we will be insisting on proper, meaningful consultation over a reasonable period of time to understand the business case for the change, and to try in a very difficult situation to provide options for members.

We understand that Ericsson has already run through some of these in its presentation to the teams affected.

Prospect has made it clear to Ericsson that we will oppose compulsory redundancies, and that we will work constructively with the business to avoid these.

These will be distressing and difficult times for members working in these roles and their colleagues who will still be expected to deliver results for Ericsson. You can be confident that Prospect reps Ken Harwood and Moustapha Krayem will be working with me to pursue the best outcome of this for members.

It would be helpful if a member working in the area could come forward to act as a temporary Prospect rep along with those above. If you are interested please contact Moustapha in the first instance.

If you have any comments or questions on the announcement and next steps please get in touch with your reps, or email [email protected] or call 020 8971 6000.