Prospect in Airwave

Prospect in Airwave

Following on from our briefing to members last week regarding the redundancy consultation, we felt it appropriate at this time to advise that your current Prospect Principle Officers Dave Smith and Terry Stonehouse have applied for VR, and had their offers accepted by Airwave.

Both Dave and Terry will be leaving the company shortly, although both are keen to ensure that they are able to fully support and represent members through this consultation process.

This therefore means that we need to invite all members to consider putting themselves forward to represent colleagues going forward.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the union, from coming to meetings with HR and negotiating collectively on behalf of members, to assisting colleagues through personal cases (such a discipline or grievance situations) to simply helping us keep in touch with the issues in your area.

However you want to get involved, we can provide training and help you develop your skills and your role in a way that works for you and our members. The Airwave branch is supported via the union's National Office and we're available to support the branch and ensure you have all you need to represent members locally.

It's really important that the union is run locally: the union is you - your colleagues, your workplace, and your agenda.

So, can I encourage all members, regardless of role, experience or background to get in touch if you'd like to start playing a more active role in your union.

In addition, can I just play tribute to the work both Dave and Terry have been doing on behalf of members over the last year. They've given freely of their time, advising and representing members and working hard to ensure your voice is heard within Airwave. We wish them well for the future.

If you would like to volunteer or find out more about representing colleagues then please e-mail [email protected] . We'll issue another update at the end of June advising members who their new Prospect Representatives are.