Management Changes within Yell in May 2011

Management Changes within Yell in May 2011

Members will have seen a couple of announcements recently from John Condron

- John Condron will retire by May 2011

- John Davies has resigned and will leave the company as soon as a successor is in place

- Sales, UK Market Development and New Media Marketing are to be combined into a single team under Mark Canon

- Mark Canon will become Deputy Chief Executive, for Yell UK reporting to John Condron

These announcements have inevitably caused some concern and raised many questions in the minds of members, particularly since some of these were made on the same day the company's annual results were published. Prospect recognise how unsettling this may be and discussed these issues at length with the company at our regular consultative committee meeting held on 19th May. Further to that discussion we wrote to the company seeking their assurances on a number of issues. Please click on the link opposite to read a copy of the letter. The company have responded to that letter confirming that they have no current plans for further headcount reductions and that the savings identified are those which have arisen from headcount savings which have already been imlemented. Please click on the link opposite to read a copy of the company's response.

We recognise that this remains a challenging time for everyone at Yell, so please don't hesitate to keep in touch with your union, we're doing all we can to support our members and we welcome your views. Remember too that the more members we have the stronger our voice so if you have any colleagues who have not yet joined Prospect please encourage them to join now by visiting