Specialist union condemns ScottishPower IT job cuts

Specialist union condemns ScottishPower IT job cuts

Prospect has expressed deep disappointment at plans by contractor company Accenture to outsource the work of 60 per cent of employees responsible for ScottishPower’s IT systems.

In a bid to save funds, Accenture was recently brought in to replace SAIC as the provider of ScottishPower’s IT services.

Accenture’s decision to offshore this work will lead to the loss of 190 permanent employees and 14 contractors in Scotland and North Wales, including 18 Prospect IT specialists in East Kilbride.

Prospect negotiator Malcolm Currie said: “Members are angry and disappointed at the decision to outsource this work to India, which came as a surprise to Prospect, given earlier discussions we had held with ScottishPower.

“This is not the consequence of UK skills shortages, but an attempt to save money by getting the work done more cheaply overseas. It makes no sense to lose vital skills and a loyal workforce in areas that have already been hard hit by the recession, yet these measures will take around £10m a year out of the UK economy.”

Union members are being urged to send letters to their local MPs and MSPs urging ScottishPower to intervene to change this strategy.